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Film Treatment and Storyboard Templates Bundle ⚡️ 🖥 🎥 👇

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All Templates + one year updates 🤝

If you work in film production, animation, or TV commercials under tight deadlines, you know how stressful it can be to produce high-end, professional-looking presentations in record time. Carefully designed, ready to use layouts for storyboard presentations and film treatments will save you a lot of time and headaches.

This bundle lets you get all the paid templates at once and includes the new templates published within the next year and free updates to all the templates for as long as they are maintained.

Right now, this bundle will get you 54 templates for Adobe InDesign (Mac and PC), 17 themes for Apple Keynote, and 15 templates for Apple Pages. You get all the storyboard layouts and the film treatment templates arranged in folders.

If you work in Adobe InDesign, each template on offer will be a lifesaver. Forget the screen sizes, and save hours of calculation to make your baseline grid match the frame ratio. @FilmStoryboards did all the work for you so you can spend more time on your presentation content.

On Mac, when you need to design a quick and neat layout, nothing beats Apple Keynote themes and Apple Pages templates.

All the filmmaking templates available in this bundle are yours forever. Besides, you also get all the updates as well as the new templates published during the coming year. This bundle represents a great value because the templates keep growing in number, while the updates go from minor tweaks to complete makeover from time to time. Right now, the base price represents over $300 in saving if you were to buy all these templates individually.

Download and keep all the templates; or, if you keep a Gumroad account, you'll see them in your library

In addition, you also get all the free templates available, including PDF and Procreate templates for storyboards and anime.

To get an overview of all the paid templates included, check: (Filmmaking) (Anime)

Free templates included: (Procreate) (Free—except a few from @alternatyves that are outside of this bundle)

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IDML templates for Adobe InDesign
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Film Treatment and Storyboard Templates Bundle ⚡️ 🖥 🎥 👇

0 ratings
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